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At Savor Flavor Asia we strive to provide you the best Asian cuisine. We prepare our food fresh everyday. We have a variety of gourmet food to meet your expectations whether is Chinese, Japanese or Thai. From our delicious Teriyaki chicken to the mouth watering Pad Thai, we pledge to offer you the freshest food daily. Come to Savor Flavor Asia and experience the best Asian Cuisine in the valley!

The owners are Rod and Ngan (pronounced “Nung”) are a married couple that met in Vietnam when Rod was living there. Soon they realized that they both had a deep passion for well flavored Asian foods. Not long after that, they decided to start a Vietnamese restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam.

Rod was planning this restaurant concept for the last 18 years. He lived in Asia for almost 4 years, both in Thailand and Vietnam and has extensively toured other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China, to name a few. He was gathering flavor profiles to eventually share with America in his new concept. Believe or not, he prefers Asian cuisine and eats it most every meal. Ngan has an incredible pallet and is known for being able to taste a dish once and make it twice and have a customer favorite on her hands! She brings a tremendous depth of traditional Vietnamese cooking knowledge with her passed down from generations in her family. They came back to America to start a family and a new restaurant concept in Asian food. Now they own and operate Savor Flavor Asia, in Ahwatukee. The menu features accents of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and a few Japanese dishes. They have hit the ground running with his beautiful wife by his side, sharing in their passion. Their goal is to continue to enhance menu towards a more modern style… They are very excited about this new venture and hope to shake your hand soon and share their dream of providing fresh flavored dishes from all over Asia!

Owners in Vietnam, Rod and Ngan

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